Pervez S. Agwan

Hi there! I’m Pervez S. Agwan. I’ve spent the majority of my life making countless mistakes, attempting to remedy those mistakes, and then learning from my ill-fated blunders. Being able to share any of the life lessons I’ve picked up along the way has allowed me to develop a concrete goal to work toward – I’m currently attempting to author a handful of books that I hope can be of service to others. My books are centered around some of the most pressing issues of our time: 1) Climate change + my generation, 2) The green energy revolution, 3) Our collective responsibilities as citizens of the earth, and 4) Today’s continuously changing policy / energy policy landscape.

My personal and professional passions, as well as the contents of my books, revolve around climate change, the energy industry, domestic and international policy, and the intricacies of leadership development for Millennials and Gen-Z (and all younger folks for that matter!). Who will be the stewards of tomorrow’s world, and the caretakers of tomorrow’s climate + energy space? I’d like to believe it’s all of us!

Background & Motivations

I’ve spent my career navigating through today’s complex energy landscape, and I intend to steer our world’s ever-changing energy infrastructure through the future as we address the pressing issues of sustainability, climate change, the environment, and carbon emissions.

I strive to perfect the intricacies of my crafts, and am in constant pursuit of self-improvement, whether in my career, or my activities outside of the professional realm. In my free-time I enjoy DIY Home Construction & Improvement projects, albeit unfortunately I do not succeed at the majority of these ambitious undertakings. As an avid follower of the Texas A&M Aggies football team, I consistently find myself in situations in the professional world having to defend the Aggies’ ill-fated blunders. I am very grateful to hold a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I had a focused my studies on the energy & finance spaces, and was involved in the MIT Energy Conference, and MIT Energy Club. I also hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M University.

Spark Progress Initiative™

The Spark Progress Initiative™ was founded with one goal in mind: Moving humanity, and our world, forward in the direction of progress. After spending the last few years deeply studying energy, policy, and the ills that plague our world, I’ve slowly realized that many things need to change if we’re going to take up the mantle and lead our societies forward. While many tenets of societal change must occur for our generations to collectively take lead, an inward look is also warranted! Facets of our demeanor, how we approach technology, how we approach corporate organizations, how we approach government, and perhaps most importantly, how we approach each other must change if we are going to become the leaders of tomorrow, and stewards of the future.

After much deliberation, The Spark Progress Initiative™ was born. I founded this initiative in March of 2020, and you can learn more about it at

Travel & Photography

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to travel to numerous places around the globe. My wife and I have trekked the world on many ventures, and you’ll find a good deal of our photography on this website. All photos have been taken by me, and if you’re interested, I can definitely shoot copies over! Just reach out in the contact page.

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