Over the course the last few years, my life has traversed a rather unexpected, and at times, a disorderly path. I’m hoping that I can share the lessons I’ve learned along the way with others, and that my path/experiences in life can be of use or benefit.  I’m currently attempting to author a handful of books that I wish can be of service to others.

My books are centered around some of the most pressing issues of our time: 1) Climate change + my generation, 2) The green energy revolution, 3) Our collective responsibilities as citizens of the earth, and 4) Today’s continuously changing policy / energy policy landscape.

My personal and professional passions, as well as the contents of my books, revolve around climate change, the energy industry, domestic and international policy, and the intricacies of leadership development for Millennials and Gen-Z (and all younger folks for that matter!). Who will be the stewards of tomorrow’s world, and the drivers of tomorrow’s energy space? I’d like to believe it’s all of us!

Book 1 – Release Date February 2022
Power Politics: Fix the Grid!
Grappling with Gridlock and Getting to Net-Zero

Book 2 – Release Date November 2022
Leading With Our Hearts: Texas
Our Future, Our Vision

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